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    Some frosty herb

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  4. Please

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    dying before your friends and welcoming them to hell like


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    Most of my future children tag is cute brown children being fabulous and clearly belonging to me in spirit, but I’m making an exception for this tweet because if I don’t raise my kids to give that exact same response, then I have failed as a parent.

    Who is this woman and can I send her a thank-you gift basket and a Black Parenting Award?  This is why it is imperative that we teach our children real history outside of textbooks constructed by, written for, and approved by white men whose re-telling of history conveniently glosses over atrocities and minimizes suffering.

    "bold new idea"

    I want to go to that school and set fire to every history book in the building.

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    Cyrus Kabiru is a self-taught Kenyan artist who works in various mediums including painting and sculpture. He is best known for his Afrofuturism series, C-Stunners, an ongoing project consisting of elaborate eyeglasses that are imaginatively constructed out of found objects and recycled trash. These wearable sculptures, part fashion statement part social-political commentary, capture the sensibility and attitude of the youth generation in Nairobi. They portray the aspiration of popular culture bling and reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people. The lenses are a metaphorical filter providing a fresh perspective of the world.

    Read an interview with him on 10and5: http://10and5.com/2014/08/15/fnb-joburg-art-fair-cyrus-kabiru-afrofuturism/

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    The anthropologists decided that this tribe was to remain “uncontacted”.

    This is one of the best things iv seen today

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    People getting excited over some Kim K nudes but she got a sext tape out tho?

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